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To Culotte or Not to Culotte, That is the Question

So if you have been peeping the prefall 2015 lines you must have noticed those weird proportioned pants, or are they capris or are they gaucho pants. The answer is..... None of the above, well kind of gaucho pants I suppose. They are culottes and they are here to stay (at least through the summer and fall of 2015.)

Personally, I think that when styled correctly, they are chic, comfortable and will stop any fashion lover in their tracks as you walk by. I bought a jumpsuit this past summer from Topshop and it is a oddly proportioned bright orange culotte jumpsuit. I was attracted to it right away becuase it is different and a bit scary to most people. My husband thinks it is hideous and I dont expect any man to think I look sexy in it but what I DO expect is people who love fashion to stare and not know whether they love or hate it.


(Me in my culotte jumpsuit)

Being bold and trying things that most people are afraid to try is one of my favortie things about fashion. I think 90% of looking good or "being able to pull something off" is about confidence. I love when people tell me, "I wish I could wear hats like you but I just dont look good in hats." As if some heads just dont look good in hats? I am pretty sure all heads are round and attached to a neck and if so, you can wear a hat AND look just as good as anyone. The real question is, are you wearing the hat and walking around unsure and timid or are you wearing a hat and having the attitude that says, "hell ya I am wearing this hat like its my job and I know its dope." Same thing goes for culottes! Are you wearing them and feel unsure or insecure? Well take them off and put on those Lulu Lemon yoga pants you feel sexy in because I guarantee if you feel like an idiot, you'll look like one too.

So feeling confident, ready to kill it, gonna try it! Okay heres a few tips on how to style yourself to ensure you look like a fashion badass instead of a hot mess.

Keep it simple. Go for a monochrome look and simple shoe.


Play with Proportion and pair it with a long jacket like the Gucci prefall 2015 look below.


Be easy and wear them with your bestie.


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