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5 Morning Habits to Shake the Monday Blues

After a Chicago weekend, chances are, you wake up the last minute you possibly can in order to avoid being late to work, school, or whatever obligation you have for the day. You roll out of bed and roll your eyes at Monday and are ready to bite off the head of the first person who smiles and says "good morning."

My husband and I were once the king and queen of sleep and were never up in time for breakfast, but obviously that changed when my kids were born morning people. We quickly converted into morning people and found the beauty of setting a good tone in the morning and the positive affect doing so does on the rest of your day. Having a healthy morning routine helps energize and wake up your mind and body, so you can kick ass at your morning presentation, or seriously kill your workout, or concur whatever the day throws at you.

1.) Drink 2 large cups of water within minutes of waking up.

This starts up your metabolism and sends signals to your body that you are awake and ready to rage

2.) Exercise!

Whether you want to do a morning vinyasa, or cardio to get your heart racing. Working out in the morning energizes you and aids in fighting cravings or making a poor food choices. Plus when you work out while all your friends are sleeping, it makes you feel like a real bad ass ;)

3.) Step outside.

Take some deep breaths and fill your lungs with fresh air. Take a few minutes to set a mental plan for the day. SMILE and acknowledge the fact that you are alive another day and how much of a privilege that is.

4.) Eat a healthy breakfast.

This has such power and importance in how the rest of your day is going to go. If you think skipping breakfast is a good idea, THINK AGAIN. Skipping breakfast can and will lead to poor food choices throughout the day.

5.) Pick out an outfit that makes you feel awesome.

The power fashion has is incredible! Feeling good on the inside is WAY more important don't get me wrong, but when you look in the mirror and say "Damn I look good," your pretty much set to kill the day!

Stick to this morning routine throughout the week and notice the change in your mood, appetite, and energy! Maybe you'll still hate Monday's but these 5 things definitely will lesson the blow of the work week being upon you.

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