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Women Crush Wednesday My woman crush this week is Sarah Sands. Not only is she a hot mom, which is obvious, she also runs her own business while managing her toddler. THAT is truly inspiring. She was always a girl boss, before launching her company Sin Clarity Clothing, she was a buyer for one of Chicago’s biggest boutiques. After years dedicated to building someone else's brand, she decided to take it to the streets and dedicate herself to building her own brand. She launched Sin Clarity Clothing in 2013 and has had tremendous success being sold on and just to name a few. Here's a look at one of her ad campaigns.

She's busy this summer killing it at all the street festivals and markets. Growing her company more everyday. She is someone I look to as a source of inspiration when I think I can’t build something or dedicate myself to a career just because I have kids. She’s proof that if you visualize it, believe it, and work hard at it, it will happen!


1.) What's Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show?

"I don't watch reality TV (sowwy) honestly, The Office, Game of Thrones, True Detective (although I hate this season), The Killing and all day Food Network. NERD ALERT!"

2.) What Song Gets You Going?

"Beyoncé 'Get me Bodied :)"

3.) What is your Go-To Saturday Outfit?

"Depends on the mood, but oversized baby doll dress, fanny pack, boots, and a baby dreamer necklace, maybe a couple braids and Im out the door!"

Sarah's Question for Next weeks WCW

1.) What is the best food you've ever eaten?

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