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Friday Favorites: 5 Tips for a Better Dressed Lollapalooza

Its FRIDAY! Which for me means that I take off my yoga pants and actually put on real clothes. ITS TIME TO PARTAYYYYYY (Kristin Wig Voice). Or just go out in the real world and socialize with adults, but yeah PARTY sometimes too! This weekend is a big one for Chicago music lovers, its lollapalooza! So this week my Friday Favorites are with Lollapalooza in mind. I see way too many people with full faces of make-up, hats that inevitably are going to blow off in the wind or collect an ungodly amount of sweat, and this one always surprises me, heels?! I am a heel lover but PLEASE STOP WEARING THEM TO FESTIVALS. And while I’m at it, can everyone also stop wearing the same outfits. I get it, its easy, cut off shorts, oversized muscle tee, and chucks. No doubt, its super cute and I wear it too, but its old news. There are so many other festival appropriate outfits out there! Have some fun with it! It’s lollapalooza, everyone is going to be there! Your ex, your music idol, your old high school bestie, why not give them something to remember. So here’s a little guide on how to be the coolest girl at Lolla. 1.) Have a killer bag. There are a million ways to make a statement but none so subtle as carrying a really sweet, functional, fun bag. I am obsessed with this Moschino “take-out” bag. I’m unfortunately not rich so this is on my wish list, but I know that others are out there for a fraction of the price! This bag shape is sure to get a ton of compliments and be a conversation piece without wearing something that’s like “HEY LOOK AT ME, IM WEARING THIS TO BE STOPPED.”

If the take out bag isn't style, try a cute back-pack. LOVE this iridescent bag from Urban.

They also actually have a super cute silver mini back-pack at Target if Urban Outfitters isn't your thing.

2.) Smart Shades NO I am not talking about those neon colored ridiculous sunglasses that should have been burned at the factory, or maybe the factory should get burned. Anyways, I am talking about having a functional pair of sunglasses, that compliment your face shape and actually ADD something to your look. Love this vintage inspired Marc by Marc Jacobs “Pink Colour-Block Sunglasses.” I imagine wearing them in the passenger seat of a convertible with a little head wrap to stop your hair from going crazy (always wanted to do that.)

If your looking for something a little tougher, try these circle shades "Beneath the Waves" from Free People. Love the little studs.

If your looking for something more understated these “Super Mona Ferragosto” glasses from Anthropologie are awesome too. The rose color with the frosted glass is everything.

3.) Comfortable Shoes I’m on a sneaker kick right now so I say rock some sneakers! You can pair them with some socks and a little cotton dress, throw on your backpack and your out the door looking fresh, smart, and effortless. These New Balance “300 White/Red Suede Trainers” are everything. As long as its dry out (cross your fingers), you’re good to go!

If your not a sneaker girl and you're one of those girls who need a little height to feel human, try a chunky wedge or flat-form. Love these from Anrthopologie’s new collection.

For flatforms, the Elly Clay Laight Metallic Flatform is amazing. This way you aren’t stuck in a heel, wobbling around all day, but you still get the height. I see these with a drapey midi length dress and those rose Super Mona Ferragosto shades from Anthro.

4.) Go Denim If you don’t know already, Beyonce is my spirit animal so of course I am going to tell you to rock a denim romper like my queen.

If you aren’t ready for all that jelly though, you can go a little more low key with this Rag & Bone Light Denim Romper

Or of course, there’s the good ole oversized denim overalls. Pair it with a crop top or a cool sports bra (PLEASE NOT A BATHING SUIT TOP!) and some sneakers and you have achieved festival outfit success.

5.) Tame you Mane Nothing worse than having your hair in your face. Frizzed out and disheveled isn't really a “look” these season so try something different to help keep cool and look put together. I ‘m obsessed with half pony’s. You can still keep the length but without having those wet pieces in your face or tucked behind your ears.

If you are more skilled in the art of hair than I am, rock double dutch french braids. I know it might sound a bit juvenile at first, and whatever, maybe it is. When everyone else is sweating and looking a mess, your just looking like a badass with your hair pulled back in perfect braids.

There are no rules in fashion. The only rules I have for myself are; Be bold, be comfortable, and dont be afraid to try something that "isn't you." If YOU are wearing it, it IS you! Own it and don't take yourself too seriously.

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