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Skinny Chocolate Pancakes

Sunday breakfast! Skinny chocolate pancakes

Sunday is a day to treat yourself! WAIT! Before you reach for that chocolate bar or go out to brunch with friends, think about all the work you put in this week with eating right and keeping active. You can treat yourself without unraveling all the work you put in. Try these simple skinny chocolate pancakes! These feel sinful and wrong, but in all actuality they are packed with protein and you still get your chocolate fix. You can add the cocoa powder or leave it out if you arent a chocolate fiend like me. Play with the toppings and get creative, you can leave out the yogurt and splurge a bit with some maple syrup or mix some coconut oil and peanut butter and top with a peanut butter sauce instead. (SO GOOD and still packed with protein)


2 eggs 1 ripe banana 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 TBS raw cocoa powder

Toppings 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 TBS melted coconut oil 1 TBS honey 6 strawberries

Mix your egg and banana until it's smooth. Add in vanilla extract and cocoa and mix until blended. Pour on grill and let cool about 4 minutes then flip and repeat until cooked throughout.

Toppings: cut your strawberries and set aside. Mix Greek yogurt, coconut oil, and honey until yogurt is a lighter, creamy consistency. And set aside until pancakes are ready.

Once pancakes are finished add toppings and enjoy!

It isn't easy staying true to your committment to eat clean foods and make your meals at home. Everyone deserves to have a lazy sunday but remember how it makes you feel to have a "cheat" meal. I love having healthy cheat meals, that make me feel like I am getting away with something but without that lethargic, bloated feeling after.

Hope this cheat meal serves you well.


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