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Beauty Tip Tuesday: DIY Tinted Lip Moisturizer

I love my Bare Minerals blush and I was crushed when it dropped on the floor and broke up in a million pieces. I have been holding onto it for as long as possible, but it's time to accept that its done and buy some fresh blush.

Instead of just throwing it out and calling it a day, I figured I can repurpose it and make it into a tinted lip moisturizer. That way, I don't just get a new blush, I get a new lip tint too! Okay, now I can feel fine about my blush cracking, and buy a new one with a clear conscious.

This is super easy to do and only requires a cracked blush and vaseline.

So once you crack your favorite blush, instead of cursing the make-up gods, do a victory dance and grab some vaseline.

Once you get your Vaseline and blush, grab a small bowl to mix in, and any spoon or TBS measuring spoon.

Once you have your bowl and spoon, pour the remains of your blush and add a spoonful (or TBS) of vaseline and mix.

Now just put your mix into a small airtight container and throw it in your purse or make-up bag!

Boom! New tinted lip moisturizer. Enjoy!

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