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WCW: Lauren O'Neil

Woman Crush Wednesday! Our crush this week is the one and only Lauren O'Neil. Not only is she the definition of BAD ASS Mom, she's also an On-Air Ear Fondler at 101 WKQX and Hostess at JBTV. You can catch her every afternoon on 101.1 and like her page Lauren O'Neil on Facebook for her most recent interviews and behind the scenes at the best shows in Chicago. I met Lauren this past June at the Chicago Nightlife Awards and instantly clicked with her after finding out she was also a fellow "Cool Mom."

It is not an easy task to balance being a mom along with a huge career and Lauren has mastered this. She's not one of those mom's you will catch in Lulu Lemon yoga pants and a messy bun, she still stays true to her own style and passion of being in the Music industry, which is not an easy thing to do. She doesn't follow the stereotypes of what you "have to become" after being a mom and thats something I personally admire and applaud.


1.) What's Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show?

"Property Brothers and/or Rehab Addict (pretty much anything on HGTV)"

2.) What Song Gets You Going?

"Sooo many! I've been turning Joywave's Destruction on a lot lately when I'm getting ready to do some damage! Close second: Local H- Fritz's Corner"

3.) What is your Go-To Saturday Outfit?

"Slayer t-shirt, skirt, Chucks"

Anna's Question from last week

What's your favorite place in the world?

"On a Chicago rooftop in the summer, bonus if there is a lake view, Super Mario Bros bonus points if I have a scotch in my hand."

Lauren's Question for Next Week WCW

Sharks get a week. Who/what else should?

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