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Beauty Tip Tuesday: Young Living Essential Oils

I got my premium starter kit from Young Living about 2 weeks ago and to be honest, I hadn't had much experience in using essentail oils in my everyday life, before receiving my starter kit. For me, essential oils were really just an experiment in all natural health and beauty and I must say, two weeks in, I can't imagine living without them!

My face has cleared up BIG TIME, my husband sleeps better at night, my kids had both gotten sick and the difference this oil made in their recovery time is undeniable.

Im hooked. Check out my video where I highlight a few of my favorites and show off this premium starter kit ($150). It was worth every penny and I cant wait to share some with some of my friends and family.

If you have any questions or want the hookup on your premium starter kit, email me at or message me on

Premium Starter Kit comes with 10 oils (well 11 if you count the bonus oil in the bottom half of the package)

Lavender: Regarded as one of the most powerful and versatile essential oils, and the uses for this plant are endless. Apply directly to skin, diffuse, or use on sheets, in closets, and under beds to keep house smelling fresh and clean!

Peppermint: Helps support healthy digestion and healthy intestinal function.

Frankincense: Increase feelings of spirituality and inner strength. Apply to face and neck to minimize visual blemishes and add a healthy glow to your skin. Diffuse during yoga or prayers to create a deeper spiritual connection.

Lemon: Use as a dietary supplement in your daily routine. Use for seasoning to flavor veggies, seafood, beverages and dessert.

Copaiba: Tapped directly from the tree rather than distilled. Inhale or diffuse to create a positive, calm atmosphere. Also, use on skin, or add to lotion to promote a youthful appearance.

Thieves: Taken internally, this essential oil helps maintain a healthy respiratory system.

PanAway: Great to use after physical activity. Apply topically after a strenuous workout for refreshing cool down.

R.C.: Dilute and apply to chest, neck and throat as needed

Purification: Diffuse to clean the air of foul, stale odors. Helps purify and cleanse the air and leave house smelling crisp and refreshing.

DiGize: Supports normal digestion. Add 1-2 drops to water and drink at night to support your digestive system

Stress Away: Apply topically to feet and abdomen to help support energy flow. Diffuse or inhale to enjoy a relaxing aroma.

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