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Vanilla Protein Matcha Latte

I got my shipment of VitaMedica yesterday! Which means, its time to let the experimenting begin! I have never used protein powders in my everyday life and am excited to see this change up the way my body burns fat and helps me build some lean muscle!

I decided, what better way to start the morning than with a protein packed breakfast to keep me going until my late lunch! I went to bed dreaming of the different things I could make using the VitaMedica meal replacement powder and decided on a matcha latte/smoothie.

I woke up and decided within minutes that the smoothie was a no go. It was gloomy and a bit too chilly for a smoothie, so a nice matcha latte will do!

I am not a HUGE fan of replacing a meal with a drink (unless of course, I am on the go and simply cannot make myself something) so I decided I would use a scoop of powder, a scoop of matcha and still eat a hearty meal, because breakfast is too good to skip.

So an egg white omelet with red peppers, onions, spinach snd goat cheese with my vanilla protein matcha latte it is! 💪

Vanilla Protein Matcha Latte

Ingredients 1 TBS VitaMedica French vanilla protein powder 1 TBS matcha green tea powder 1 cup of water 1/2 cup Silk vanilla almond milk

Procedure Boil water and almond milk Once boiling, take off heat and whisk in your matcha and protein powder Add mix to blender Blend on low for 1 minute Voilà you have a lattè Enjoy!

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