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WCW: Kerri and Lily Mack

This week were crushing on some fam Kerri and Lily Mack. This mother daughter duo holds an extra special place in my heart not only because they are my family, but because they are the OG badass mom and daughter team and one of my main sources of inspirations as far as being a cool mom goes.

Kerri was my sister in law and one of my greatest friends and even though she is no longer technically my sister-in-law, she still is my sister and her daughter Lily is my greatest (and only) niece.

Kerri was a singer in a band when she got the news of being pregnant, and she was as shocked as anyone, but despite just getting a record deal and the pressure from the band to begin a tour, she decided being a mother was her true calling and went through her pregnancy with such grace and strength. After having Lily, Kerri continued to stay true to her pre-baby self, and continued making art and bringing Lily along on all her adventures.

It's easy to stay home and retire to a baby proof life, but what isn't easy, is picking yourself up, and going out in the world with your baby and discovering who you are and what you love not just as a mother but as a person and a mother.

Lily is such a strong, well rounded girl and it is obvious she has had a strong mom with strong views by her side, and I hope I can give Ivy and Ezra half the insight and love for others that Kerri has given Lily.

Lily is a vegetarian, and has been raised as such since birth, but as Lily got older and started getting curious about meat, Kerri gave her the free will and the choice to make her own decisions. I think that is such a huge thing that mom's often fail to do. We try so hard to shelter our kids and to stop them from making decisions that we wouldn't make when often times, it stifles them and makes them want to go even farther the other direction. Lily ended up trying bacon and DUH she loved it, but in the end she decided she liked living a meat free life and has continued to stay true to her vegetarian roots.

Mom's out there who are doing it on their own, take a look at Kerri and use her as a source of inspiration and strength because she's been doing a killer job despite any circumstances thrown at her.


WCW Blurb

1.) What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? "Glee"

2.) What song gets you going?

"Slow Motion by PHOX. It just came on and I started jamming:)"

3.) What's your go to Saturday night outfit?

"Short tight and always a little midriff."

Asked by Ariel DeLaRosa our last WCW

Bloody Mary or Mimosa?


Kerri's question for next week's WCW

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

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