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WCW: Chess Hubbard

Its time to drool over another dope mama! This week were crushing on Chess Hubbard. Chess is a mom of Gaius, her little man who is 2 years old and already a Chicago cool kid. On top of that Chess is also a maker of music for Cenob1te as well as an independent musician and writer/designer for UR Chicago. To say the least, she's got a FULL plate and is somehow able to do it all. I secretly think there might be 4 of her walking around and making sure not to be seen in the same place at the same time, but thats besides the point and hasn't been proven yet.


I know personally, when you have a kid, no matter where you are in life, your world gets rocked a bit. You are expecting to be able to do everything you had been doing and also give cuddles and kisses to baby and just maintain it all, well for me that wasn't the case at all. I was lost at how to live my pre baby life, post baby. I was so confused how anyone is able to have a career, friendships, and extracurriculars while raising a child. Chess somehow mastered this craft, like she masters all her crafts, music, writing, web design, video games, producing, DJing and the list goes on

She continues to grow in her career and even start NEW projects while still giving her kid an amazing life and all the love he needs.

She just reunited with long time friend and musical partner Jessica Gonyea aka Dial Jess and started Rocktapussy DJ DUO, these two are the ultimate girl power team and just put out a mixtape that you NEED to listen to>>>>> Click Here for Mixtape

This ode to badass babes is the perfect WCW mix, so go, like right now and download and listen......... Ill wait.

Okay are you listening? Kilo Kush <3 (bow down) Now back to this...



1.) What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

"ESPN's First Take"

2.)What song gets you going?

Lion Babe- Impossible (Jax Jones Mix)

3.) What's your go to Saturday night outfit?

"Black Milk Leggings and an oversized top with my Nike Dunk Sky HI Joli Sneaks, so comfy!"

Asked by Kerri, last weeks WCW

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with 1 person, who would it be?

Idris Elba

Chess's Question for next WCW

What make-up in your beauty regimen could you not do without?

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