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#ONZIEGEAR is Here!!

Couldn't be more excited to get my new yoga gear from Onzie. Nothing makes me more inspired and more energized to workout and be active like fresh workout gear! So the day I got my package I went out and took an impromptu photoshoot to show off these sweet new capris!

If you need a fresh look to maybe help get you back into the gym, treat yourself to just that! Sometimes it takes us committing to a new outfit in order to then committ to the gym. I know it sounds like weird logic, but if you're like me, that new outfit WILL be the thing that gets you back on your feet and ready to slay the gym. Check out Onzie for reasonably priced, super unique activewear and my personal favorite, yoga pants!

Show off your new look on instagram and when you do use #onziegear so I can see your stuff :)


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