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Mom crush monday- fit mama jenn

If you are a mama, or a woman who wants to be inspired and motivated but not in the typical, curated, cheesy, unattainable, annoying way most people use social media (you know what I'm talking about where you only see them when its perfectly curated) go follow Jenn right now @fitmamajenn_

Jenn Lashley is a mama of two beautiful children and an online trainer specifically for mamas. She shares her heart so vulnerably and the passion she has for mothers to step into their new lives and new bodies with the confidence and grace is so apparent. She has been so open with her followers and it is something that I truly admire about her. From sharing her struggle accepting her postpartum body, to sharing her experience dealing with the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage, to her struggles with comparison, and just her everyday real walk through motherhood. She doesn't sugar coat and filter things to look more appealing or to "get more likes" she is raw and authentic and if you ask me, we could use a lot more of that in this world.

There is a power in a mother sharing authentically and not only sharing the good, we all want to see the highlights but when I hear another mom talking about and inviting me into some of the struggles they are facing, theres something that happens inside of me that makes me realize, we aren't alone in our hardships. I am not on an island. I have a community of moms out there that are facing the same or similar struggles and when someone finally admits it and speaks on it, I feel a level of permission to speak on it too.

Like I said, Jenn is an inspiration. She is a must follow (@fitmamajenn_) and the best part is, everything she does is done virtually. She has a FREE 7 day workout program, a FREE ebook with 12 quick and easy meals, and a passion for mothers to achieve a better overall health on all levels; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Head over to her instagram, then click her link in bio to schedule your coaching call or get your FREE 7 day workout plan.

Mom Crush Blurb

1.) What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Or pretty much any food competition show.

2.)What song gets you going?

Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic album 🔥

3.) What's does self care look like for you?

Going out for a run by myself or going to bed by 9pm with my phone turned off.

Question from our last Mom Crush Leanne Cantelon

Q: What’s one thing that might surprise people to learn about you?

I dislike shopping for clothes.

A Word of advice to mamas out there?

Include your kids when you’re exercising, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, in all things. Let them help (even if it gets messy) and explain steps to them and the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing.
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