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Gift from the Thrift Gods

So let me start off by saying that I am a reformed shopaholic. I HAD a serious shopping problem while working in retail and since becoming a mom of two, I had to change my ways. I still regularly stroll the aisles of target and load up my cart with things I don't need but I am not dropping 200 dollars a week on shoes anymore. I rarely get to buy myself new clothes but I do still find ways to refresh my wardrobe.

One of my favorite ways to get "new" clothes is shopping second hand, so when I am really itching for a shopping trip I head to the thrift store.

So one Monday after getting my nails done early with Ivy, I decided to take advantage of the "girl time" we had and go shopping. We headed to Village Thrift and the store was nearly empty (best ever!) I have never had such luck than I had this afternoon. It seemed like all things AWESOME were left for me and in my size (which never happens).

I hadn't planned on shopping that day so I had to make it work with like 20 dollars, which is more like 100 dollars in thrift store world. Once I was done picking through the little girl section, I turn into the next aisle and spot the most amazing fabric. I walk over and grab it off the hanger and see that its a tea length, high-waisted skirt. I almost starting jump and down in the middle of the store (ok I did) but needed to try it on and see if it'd fit. I put it over my pants and up to my waist and I swear to God if I had one more bite of anything it wouldn't have zipped!. Needless to say it was a perfect fit and I think I shed a tear of joy before putting it in my cart. I had to get out of there before I found something else!

Some days you search for hours and find nothing but an ill fitting jacket that the next day you try on and wonder what the hell you were thinking but other days, GOLD. This day, was a win. A gift from heaven ;)

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