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Morning Yoga + 2 Kids

So anyone else need to harness their chi before starting their day. It is basically impossible to do if you are like me and don't get up before your kids. I love sleep and after 3 years of my daughter waking up before 8 I am finally converting to a morning person (kinda).

Once I drink my two large glasses of water I am ready to start my morning routine, which usually includes cleaning up, washing my face, and morning stretches. Then I have earned my breakfast! Morning yoga is supposed to be a time of meditation to center yourself and prepare your mind and body for whatever the day throws at you.

I have come to accept that while my kids are awake, I will most likely never get a moment of sheer peace and quiet. Lucky for me, yoga is all about accepting where you are in your life and embracing it, not hoping for it to be better, not wishing you could just get 10 minutes to yourself, but taking it for what it is and being ok with it. So as I prepare my area for my morning yoga, I accept that my kids might get in a fight in the middle of it, may disrupt me, and may need me during the best stretch. After accepting that, I begin my practice.

So yeah, it wasn't the most meditative yoga session I had but I remembered to be ok with my current situation and enjoy my beautiful babies even when they are getting in my space during yoga. Perfection isn't real and yoga isn't about perfection, its about acceptance and mindfulness. So if your a mom who knows what its like to try and sneak in an at home workout but every 2 minutes you have to stop to take your kid to the bathroom, or fill up their cuppy, just take a deep breath and enjoy where you are at in the current moment.


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