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Thirsty Thursday: Skinny Rose Sangria

Thirsty Thursday! One of my favorite days of the week, although I am BADLY missing How to Get Away with Murder and Grey's. I'll manage to find some other trash TV show to look forward to in the meantime. Meanwhile, I get to fix myself a fancy drink and relax while my man does the dishes and puts the kids to bed. Yep. Life is good.

I made a skinny sangria for my friends the last get together we had and it was awesome, arguably, the best I have ever had. UNTIL NOW of course. But it got me thinking of other skinny sangrias and made me want to play around with a rosé sangria, since rosé used to be my favorite drink.

Sangria is the perfect summertime "chill" drink when you aren't looking for a "lets rage all night" type of vibe and just want to sit back and enjoy a little cocktail outside (or while watching trash TV.)

Skinny Rosé Sangria

Ingredients (makes a full pitcher.... serves how ever many you want, who am I to judge :))

Bottle of Rosé Wine

1 cup white (or pink) grapefruit juice

3/4 cup honey bourbon

1/3 cup chambord (raspberry liqueur)

2 cups watermelon balls (or sliced watermelon)

1 cup fresh sliced strawberries

1 cup fresh raspberries


Use a melon baller to scoop your watermelon, or if you bought it pre-sliced, just chop it up into smaller pieces and set aside. Slice your strawberries and set aside.

Pour your rosé wine, grapefruit juice, honey bourbon, and chambord into a large pitcher. Stir and add your fruit.

Best if you let it sit in fridge for a few hours, but tastes good right away if you can't wait! Flavor definitely improves after a few hours of sit time.

After sitting a few hours, you are good to go! ENJOY!

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