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WCW: Sydney Walters

Woman Crush Wednesday! This weeks crush goes out to cool mom, Sydney Walters. So thankful to have met this beautiful lady and her family and excited to continue to collaborate with her and continue growing our community of Chicago moms/families.

Sydney used to be a teacher for CPS and now is a woman of many hats. She does customer service, blogging under "The Grey Boy," she is a bad ass mom, she sews, she cooks, and she is a great friend.

I only met Sydney a few months ago and she has been a great help to me and my husband in making our Movie nights happen and getting a group of great moms together to participate in our Humboldt Park Movie Club. She lives in the neighborhood and introduced me to another awesome mom who luck would have it, lives right across the street from me.

"Hello Grey Boy" blog also has an online shop where she sells custom baby/kids clothing. She makes the cutest harem pants for her boys and kitschy Tees and dresses. Her partner Nick is an artist as well, and does custom work whether it be street art, stickers, or buttons. They both are an unstoppable creative duo and am thankful to have another non-traditional couple in our lives.

Sydney has another baby on the way due at the end of October! So she's in the double trouble club as well. Excited to watch her and the little ones grow and for more projects and community get togethers to come. Stay tuned!


1.) What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?


2.) What song gets you going?

Linc and my dance party summer song is definitely "Cant Feel my Face" The Weeknd"

3.) What's your go-to Saturday night outfit?

"Saturday date night? Or my PJs? Lol kidding... probably black jeans and a simple button up top and some ankle boots."

Lauren's Question from Last Week

Sharks get one week. Who/what else should?

"We definitely need a sloth week!"

Sydney's Question for Next Weeks WCW

What's the weirdest word you can think of?

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